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Ken Main


Ken F. Main, CPA PFS, CRPC


KEN@FOREFRONTWP.COM | (512) 617-1984


“When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never, Never, Never give up.”  – Winston Churchill

I grew up in New York to a middle-class Catholic family until my dad lost his job in the late 50’s and I went from attending a small private Catholic school where I felt at home to a racially segregated public high school in New York. I hated it and it didn’t take long for me to start skipping school and failing my classes. Finally, at age 16, I decided I had enough and dropped out to work for a year until I was old enough to join the Navy.

The Navy came with great promises of schooling that would be more suitable to my skills and chance to see the world. Nonetheless, neither of those things happened as I thought, so went I left the service I began by attending Pace University in NYC as a student in their CPA program.

After graduation, I went on to get hired by Diamond International Corporation working in their tax department. From there, I moved onto Pan American World Airways, and then finally Public Accounting, where I specialized in personal income taxes and handled specialized tax audits that our clients needed.

Since then, I have earned my CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR® designation from the College of Financial Planning; I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and their Personal Financial Planning Membership and Tax Division, and I have been awarded the PERSONAL FINANCIAL SPECIALIST (PFS) Credential by the AICPA, which is a credential only granted to CPA’s who also possess considerable experience in financial planning as well. Currently, less than five thousand out of more than 350,000 CPAs nationwide hold the PFS Credential.

Learn More About Me

If you had a million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?
Now that I am older and have learned a thing or two, I wouldn’t spend it and would invest instead.

What’s the most likely place people could find you on a Saturday night?
At home with my beautiful wife of 48 years watching TV.

Which would you pick: Living on the beach or living near the mountains?
Without a doubt the beach!

Imagine being approached by a genie who offers you three wishes, what those be?
I would wish for my wife to have the best life for the rest of her life, that my daughter would live to be old like me and that my grandson would have a great education.