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Empowering the Next Era of Financial Independence

After years of providing in-depth guidance to financially independent clients, we have learned a thing or two about their road to success. We have analyzed their habits, actions, and processes to create a blueprint that can guide the way. Our NextEra Blueprint™ addresses all the fundamentals, including:

•  Understanding your cash flow and how to maximize it
•  Establishing an emergency fund
•  Managing debt, including student loans
•  Maximizing savings towards financial independence
•  Mitigating tax burdens and investment risk
•  Buying and financing real estate
•  Planning for life’s big adventures and the fulfilling experiences you seek

Even better, we will be there right alongside you as your financial life evolves and becomes more complex, scaling the scope of our services to meet your own unique needs.


We Are Creating a Future of Financial Independence.

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You are hitting your stride both personally and professionally. You are passionate about your career and the work you do. You aspire to continually improve yourself and make progress towards your own success and financial freedom. You have built a foundation, but you’re not sure how to achieve the next level.



Do you struggle with budgeting?

Most people find budgeting to be like dieting: they get super excited to try it to only fail a short time thereafter because being consistent is too meticulous or it's too much work to instill the habits. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this in the Bucket Budgeting method. This method is super simple, very straightforward, and nearly fail-proof. See for yourself!

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